They also do a better job of protecting your skin due to their unique shape and design. With a tip that is curved upward, you are less likely to injure yourself or damage your skin when extracting blackheads. The only downside is that they may be a little sharp for inexperienced users. So, if you are not used to using such a sharp and precise tweezer, take your time and get used to them. But we promise that you will love these versatile tweezers just as much as we do. Erin has been writing a mix of beauty and wellness content for Who What Wear for over four years.

  1. However, the tips are pretty dull, so they’re not ideal for precision plucking and extracting super-fine hairs.
  2. Not only are these tweezers easy to hold and control, they also are ideal for people with hand tremors, mobility issues, or declining fine motor skills.
  3. Cross-locking tweezers (aka reverse-action tweezers or self-closing tweezers) work in the opposite way to normal tweezers.
  4. We found the tweezers effective and easy to use for shaping eyebrows, with it also earning one of the top overall consumer performance scores.
  5. While Silver Gripper was very handy to travel with, the tweezer itself was hard to use.

This all-star grooming tool earned perfect scores from our testers, who loved the sleek yet sturdy design and sharp, slanted tips. That said, Coco’s Closet Eyebrow Tweezers are a great budget option, standing out for their finger grips and lightweight yet durable design. Eyebrow tweezers feel like a bare necessity when it comes to beauty, yet finding the right pair can be tough. The right pair can make plucking less painful and more precise when shaping your brow hairs. While there are plenty of hair removal methods out there, ranging from threading to DIY waxing, sometimes ol’ reliable is a trusty pair of tweezers that are a permanent fixture in your vanity. But if you just can’t nab those stray or ingrown hairs, it may be high time to swap out your dull tweezers and invest a little more in one that’s guaranteed to perform.

Tweezer Maintenance and Care

Just be sure to clean your tool with soap and water or rubbing alcohol before and after use. Nothing is worse than getting a piece of glass in your foot or a splinter in your hand and not having the right tool to extract it. These needlenose tweezers are quicker and less painful than using traditional tweezers to extract foreign objects. This eyebrow brush bitbuy review is probably my most-used beauty item—I can’t stand the look of my brow hairs going every which way, so it’s the first thing I grab in the morning. Scroll on to the end of this guide for all you need to know on facial hair upkeep, according to professional brow artists. There are many different kinds of tweezers, and each has a different purpose.

Tweezers with Magnifying Glass

The design, size, shape, sharpness, grip, and features of the tweezers were carefully evaluated. After trying them out, our testers awarded each pair a score from 1 to 5 based on ease of use, effectiveness, and overall value. In fact, the curved handle is designed so that your view is not blocked while you are extracting an object. Then, when you are done, you simply rotate the handle and slide it into the holster. You also can hook the tweezers to your keychain or a carabiner clip with the loop on top. The only downside is that these tweezers are not made of stainless steel, so they may not last as long as some of the other tweezers on the list.

Revlon Slant Tip Micro Fine Tweezer

She also liked how the shaft is wider in the middle with silicone finger grips to prevent slipping and cramping during longer tweezing sessions. And while they may not be ideal for removing shorter hairs, our tester said they made eyebrow plucking quick and painless. Because Tweezerman is known for its high-quality craftsmanship and free sharpening services, it should come as no surprise avatrade review that the best overall tweezer on the market is the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer. These handy tweezers feature perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips that efficiently grab ahold of errant hairs or foreign objects every time you use them. Tweezerman edged out the competition in performance, ease of use and satisfaction. Testers overwhelmingly (100%!) agreed it provided perfect precise plucking.

Durox Splinter Remover

While both of these stainless steel tweezers get the job done, you are better off purchasing the Revlon – Slant Tip at a similar price. For both precision and bulk hair removal, one tweezer clearly outshone all the rest. The Rubis Switzerland is a simple, sturdy, stainless steel tweezing machine. Our testers all rated the Rubis Switzerland’s ability to pluck single hairs as above average to excellent.

Beauty, Health & Sustainability Lab Executive Director Birnur Aral led testing for this story. Since 2007, she’s conducted hundreds upon hundreds of hands-on testing and data analysis on beauty products for the GH Institute. Finally, if you are looking for a tweezer for arts and crafts we recommend the the xm forex review Tweezier heavy-duty six-inch tweezer. The ReNext has a fine tip which is well suited to applying and separating single lashes. In spite of its being a staple, few people have come to realize just how many variants of this tool there are, and which ones may be the best for their hair-removing habits.

Afterall, you really cannot go wrong with any pair of Tweezerman tweezers. While most dermatologists would likely recommend having blackheads extracted in their office, the Tweezerman Blackhead Extractor reduces some of the risk of removing them on your own. These tweezers are developed by one of the leading manufacturers in the tweezer space and are dermatologist tested. And just like Tweezerman’s other tweezers, this top-notch tool is crafted of stainless steel.

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